How to Use


 How to Apply

1. Properly torque the nut, bolt, fastener, fitting or assembly to specification.

2. Clean the surface so Type-E Marking Paste can properly adhere.

3. Apply a 1/8" to 1/4" witness mark to mate adjoining surfaces where one is stationary and the other rotates.

Type-E does not have to be squeezed, the formula is thick enough to apply with a light touch.

Type-E Is NOT

Type-E is not a sealant

Type-E does not prevent loosening

Type-E does not secure parts

Type-E is not a threadlocker

Final Notes

Type-E's fast 20 second tack-free time lets you continue repairs without waiting. Marks fully harden in 24 hours. Remove old marks with solvent and cloth.

Keep refrigerated for best results and shelf life extension.

Apply as directed.